Self-defense Classes Chicago, Self Defense Training Illinois
S2 Strategic Defense self defense classes in the Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL areas. S2 Strategic Defense provides tactical training to corporate, civilian, law enforcement, and security agenices in personal defense, firearms, and edged/impact weapons. Contact Us for additional information for self defense training
Self Defense Training Dallas, Firearms Training Dallas, Tactical Training Dallas, TX
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S2 Strategic Defense is Civilian Based Profession Training Organization that specializes in the instruction of Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and Personal Defense. We serve the civilian, corporate, law enforcement, and military markets.

Our corporate offices are located in Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX. S2 Strategic Defense also has affiliated instructors throughout the US and Canada for your convenience. Our programs are represented in over 16 states and expanding.

S2 Strategic Defense offers a variety of self-defense training courses globally. Our focus is never on just one area of combatives, we provide a total training platform to our clients so they can be proficient in all areas of combat – Hand to Hand, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Multiple Attackers, Pistols, Carbines, and Shotguns. Training modules can be customized for a particular agency or organization too. The training methods for self-defense classes in Chicago are designed in a manner that we can compartmentalize and optimize the fundamentals of each task, which results in an educated end user that has skills versatile enough to adapt to any given situation.


S2 Strategic Defense is the leading source for many civilian, law enforcement, security and military personnel. The standards of quality and education that we bring to each aspect of our business have been realized in many theaters of training on a global level.

Our mission is to continually grow by providing our clients the highest level of training available on the market, while producing an on-going educational platform for the individuals who take their responsibility for safety, self-defense, and community seriously.

The protective programs developed by S2 Strategic Defense include firearms, edged weapons, impact weapons and unarmed combat as well as on-going training programs for those who are interested in making their training as a part of their lifestyle.

S2 Strategic Defense is also involved in the on-going battle for Veteran Support. Our programs, business network, and projects have been driven to help local veterans and veteran owned businesses be successful in life after service.

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