About S2 - S2 Strategic Defense
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Nik Farooqui. Chief Instructor

Meet Nik Farooqui. Chief Instructor

Nik Farooqui is a Chicago/Dallas based instructor, author, and expert in Personal Defensive Tactics. His 25+ year background in martial arts studies, nearly 20 years of teaching/training, and over 270 seminars around the globe have earned him international acclaim in the industry.

Nik’s expertise and above-the-rest approach earned¬†him publishing in magazines such as Black Belt Magazine, SWAT Magazine and more several times. He’s also one of less than a dozen experts across the United States who’ve had the privilege of working with the most elite Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Special Operations groups, and CEO’s of Global Corporations.

Despite his accomplishments in his industry, Nik’s passion for teaching, training, and working with his clients has never changed. Many people have said that he is the one of the best instructors they have ever seen! Quite the compliment from such amazing people!

edged weapons training


S2 Strategic Defense has a network of specialized instructors with real world experience. Our staff and network includes and hand selected cadre of:

  • Military Special Operations Veterans
  • SWAT Team Officers
  • Fugitive Recovery Team Members
  • Rapid Deployment and Hostage Rescue Team Members

The S2 Strategic Defense Training Cadre is unlike any other training provider. We don’t make one instructor the “one stop shop,” we bring in specialists from all corners of the globe.

What Our Clients Say


In a market full of competitors, S2 Strategic Defense stands above the rest! Our programs aren’t store bought or just simply regurgitated information. We bring REAL WORLD experience in Personal Defensive Tactics. As the world turns, we are constantly evolving and assessing how to bring our clients better information, better presentations, and better results! That means YOU can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best experiences anywhere.

martial arts training
martial arts training


Our clients come from all makes of life. Martial artists, Corporate/Executive personnel, Law Enforcement Agencies, and everyday citizens who take their time, money, and safety seriously. Whatever the needs are, we have always exceeded their expectations! Customized presentations, cutting edge training methods, highest standards in the industry, and professionals that teach from life experience make INSTANT results! Read a few testimonials and see what people are saying!

Quality Requires Experience.

  • Founder of the Ballistic Fighting Methods Programs (Ballistic Jeet Kune Do, Ballistic Kali, Ballistic Law Enforcement Tactics, etc)
  • Founder of the Fighting Chance Women’s Self Defense program
  • 1 of only 12 Senior Certified Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts instructors under world famous Sifu Paul Vunak of Progressive Fighting Systems in the midwest.
  • NRA Certified Pistols Instructor
  • NRA Certified Rifles Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • IL Conceal Carry Instructor
  • Certified Force On Force Instructor (Simunitions, FOF and UTM)
  • Fully Certified Jeet Kune Do Instructor under Sifu Roy Harris of Harris International.
  • Fully Certified Edged Weapons Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak
  • Fully Certified Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak
  • Certified Panatukan Silat Instructor under Guru Marc Halleck
  • Certfied Boxing Instructor under Sean Diggs of World Class Boxing.
  • Fully Certified Close Quarter Combat Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor to over 85¬†law enforcement agencies around the globe
  • 2nd civilian in history to be contracted by the U.S. Air Marshals as a D.T. Instructor
  • Member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainer Assoc. (ILEETA)
  • Published in several internationally distributed publications including Black Belt Magazine, SWAT Magazine and others!
  • Tactical Hand to Hand and Edged Weapons Instructor for SaferUSA
  • Extensive Short Range Firearms Experience (Pistols, Carbine, Shotguns)
  • 8 years Security (3rd Party, Event, Crowd Security)
  • 3 years Security Consulting
  • Over 25 years martial arts experience
  • Taught over 270 seminars in 16 states and 4 countries
  • Featured Presenter at the Action Martial Arts Convention
  • Featured Presenter at the 2016 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Conference
  • Corporate Safety Trainer for Fortune 500 Companies in the US
  • Nominated as Instructor of the Year and Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year 2015