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Active Shootings are becoming a common place in US. Corporations and Businesses are now contacting S2 Strategic Defense to develop Active Shooter Response Plans for their safety. Contact S2 Strategic Defense and schedule your consultation.
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Active Shooter Response for Businesses

active shooter training

02 Aug Active Shooter Response for Businesses

It’s an unfortunate but necessary evil in the world we live in today that we must prepare for events such as Active Shootings in the workplace. In a 2015 study conducted by the FBI it was shown that over 70 percent of active shootings occur in a commercial business or an educational facility. And with the increasing frequency of these events businesses across the U.S. need to invest into their contingency plans as the safety/lives of staff and patrons is top priority.

A few statistics that really stand out about Active Shootings include:

  • The average duration of an active shooting is 8-10 minutes
  • The average law enforcement response time is 12 minutes
  • Over 60 percent of active shooting incidents were over before authorities arrived, and 40 percent of active shootings ended by suicide
  • Incidents with immediate intervention have resulted in a single digit death count vs. incidents with no intervention average in the low 20’s for death count
  • In the past 4 years, the average of 6.4 incidents per year has increased to nearly 18 incidents per year, and steadily increasing.


These statistics along with other publicly available information/case study have earned the attention of business owners and corporate executives. They not only understand that the safety of their facility and all inside of it is paramount, but they’ve also recognized the potentials of civil liabilities which can result in millions of dollars paid out to victims, families of victims, and survivors. It has become so prevalent that educational facilities are now reaching out to firms that provide Active Shooter Response Training.

S2 Strategic Defense has been one of these firms, and we’ve experienced the ever-so-real concerns that our clients have. Each training event for them is unique due to location, floorplan, quantities of staff/patron, and other key factors. Our approach is to consult with the client and develop a program that is specific for their need and applicable for them. We offer unarmed response training, armed response training, location evaluation, barricade and evade suggestions, interaction with the police, ¬†and in some cases we will provide Force on Force training in which we test the response using simulated ammunition and role players. If your business is interested in our Active Shooter Response Training, please contact us to schedule a consultation. 630-780-0054 or by email at

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