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Active Shooter Training: Unarmed Response

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12 Jul Active Shooter Training: Unarmed Response

“Active Shooting In Progress” has become a term for us Americans that we’ve become all too familiar with. It still sends chills down our spines, makes our hearts skip a beat, fuels our anger, and divides our society. In the recent weeks we have seen horrific incidents in Dallas, Orlando, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Berrien County, Los Angeles, Chicago….oh….that’s this week only by the way.

It’s become an epidemic that seems to have no cure. Law Enforcement and Civilians alike are grasping for any possible solution and are struggling to find one. Truth is that they are a gross exploitation of the problems we face in our cultures and society. What starts with the people must end with the people and by the people.

Without getting into a political rant here, I was asked by several folks what they can do if they are faced with an active shooter situation. Many people understand the realities of this nightmare, and also realize that the “Run Hide Fight” method isn’t applicable in most places….it is more like a “Fight or Accept Your Fate” situation.  Orlando,Florida had over 300 people in one building and not one single person intervened….within 7 minutes the shooter killed 49 and injured 53. Reports have it that the majority of the people that were shot had ran into the bathroom to hide and became easy targets. You don’t run and hide if you can’t escape the building or barricade the entries to your hiding area….PERIOD!

I was curious on why out of 300 people nobody intervened. I started to ask around and got the same answer, “The bad guys have a gun, what would we do?”  So I wanted to give some easy info to get people started in a train of thought. I made this video not as a full solution (although the methods shown here would be effective), but to give the end user a platform to think, train, and incorporate into their gameplan for an active shooter.

Watch this video, and if you have questions please feel free to email me.

Here is the link:

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