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Self Defense and Empowerment

26 Oct Learning Is NOT Empowering!

After an engaging conversation I had with a friend who is aspiring to be a self defense instructor, I wanted to post a quick blog about a particular topic often used these days. "Empowerment." As I cruise thru social media and other blogs I see...

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Reverse Grip Knife

27 Mar Cut the Bull***t!

Not a day goes by that we don't get some question about which blade is best for self defense, or how to pick an everyday carry (EDC), or karambit vs fixed blade. As always, we are happy to help inquiring minds. But...

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self defense course

27 Mar Controlling The Odds!

One of the most popular S2 Course amongst law enforcement is our Control and Escort course. This course is all about gaining control of a non-compliant subject and moving them to either off the premises, or into hand-cuff position. But that isn't really that special. What...

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