Holstering Your Skills! - S2 Strategic Defense
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Holstering Your Skills!

S2 Holster Draw

27 Mar Holstering Your Skills!

One of the most overlooked component in firearms training is holster work! As shooters and gun enthusiasts, we LOVE our range time. Nothing beats the smell of burnt gun powder behind the audible harmony of rounds going down range. I get that too!

Keep in mind what you are training for! You might be a competitve shooter getting ready for the next IDPA or IPSC match, you might be a Conceal Carry holder that wants a good skill set to be able to protect your life, or you might be a Law Enforcement officer that understands that even the next Terry stop might be the start of a very violent encounter.

Know your purpose, and realize that if you don’t get out of the holster, on target, and into the fight…it won’t matter how great of shot you are. Now get out there and work that holster!


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