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It’s Not An “Assault Rifle!”

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16 Jun It’s Not An “Assault Rifle!”

A hot topic in today’s news is gun control vs gun rights. Groups such as the NRA are constantly face-to-face with politicians who oppose the Second Amendment Right to bare arms and are trying to use any tactic they can to manipulate the minds of those who are simply uneducated on firearms. Tragedy strikes at home and it only takes but a few minutes before some government official is on the television talking about gun control and bans…well, I guess they really don’t let a good tragedy go to waste.

One of the firearms under question non-stop is the beloved AR15. For gun enthusiasts, we know the AR15 to be a light, maneuverable, and very modular platform that we simply love! The AR15 platform has been used for sport shooting, target shooting, varmint hunting, home defense and more. It has been tried and true, and pretty affordable! And yet there are groups who know nothing of the function of an AR15 but want to place bans on them.

Ask 10 average people who aren’t enthusiasts what the AR in AR15 stands for…..and at least 7 out of 10 will say “Assault Rifle.” The media and propaganda that the politicians use have made the AR synonymous with assault rifle….and that is simply put….incorrect. As we all know, an “assault rifle” is fully automatic or selectable fire, with an intermediate capacity magazine, and effective beyond 300 yards. But the AR15 is not fully automatic, and does not have selectable fire. There is no burst mode, full auto mode.  But we already know that!

Next time you hear someone call an AR15 and Assault Rifle….don’t get mad. They simply just don’t know and it is a good chance for you to educate them. If you jump all over their s**t they probably will never support guns because you got confrontational with them. Give them a good history lesson and experience…you stand chance.

  • The AR in AR15 stands for Armalite Rifle (a small firearm manufacturer with a government contract) and was modeled after the 7.62 chambered AR10. The AR signature is applicable to all firearms made by Armalite Rifles including their pistols such as the AR24, or their shotguns like the AR17.
  • The AR15 was designed and sold to Colt  in 1959 as Armalite Rifle was having financial troubles, and Colt used the term AR-15 as the civilian version of the M-16 rifle that Colt was selling to the military. The AR-15 model was also named the SP1.
  • In 1981, the ATF listed out parts of a firearm that were considered illegal in civilian market, as the 60’s and 70’s folks were converting them to fully automatic.
  • In 1986, the Firearms Owners Protection Act redefined the term “machine gun” to include the parts listed by the ATF in 1981.
  • In 1993, the bolt carrier group used in the AR15 platform was redesigned to ensure further safety and precautionary means against converting the firearm into a fully automatic.
  • The fully automatic variants of the AR15 have a 3 position indicator/shooting mode that includes SAFE, SEMI, and AUTO. These variants are not legally available to civilians.
  • To modify or purchase AR15 platforms with items such as a shorter barrel, or suppressors etc….each state has their own set of requirements. In IL, we would need to have a C and R license and additional paperwork for the ATF.
  • On a federal level, the AR15 is simply no different than any other rifle. It is not classified as any sort of specialized firearm.


I list these items out for you, in hopes that you will pass the information on to the next person. As gun enthusiasts we are students of the firearm, but the average citizen is a pupil of what they see/hear on social media or television. It is our responsibility to properly inform them, educated them, and provide a positive experience for them.  As for the politicians…well, God help us all!


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Be Safe-


Nik Farooqui

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