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Upcoming Events and Tours

S2 Strategic Defense is working with Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Groups, Specialty Groups, and Corporate Programs to bring a full schedule of opportunities for YOU to train with us. We are currently scheduling events/courses with IDPA, ISRA, The Well Armed Woman, and Many Others!

Completed 2016 Events:

January 23: Truth About Terrorism: Chicagoland Gun Show,  Des Plaines, IL

March 7th-13th: Edged Weapons Disarms: International Law Enformcement Educators Assoc.

March 19th: Factory Shoot: GAT Guns, Dundee, IL

March 28th: Fundamentals of Defensive Knife. The Well Armed Woman

April 2nd/3rd: Functional Trapping Seminar. Ann Arbor, MI

April 19th-21st: Force on Force. Green Bay, WI

May 9th: Edged Weapons Disarms. The Well Armed Woman-Bolingbrook, IL

May 16th: Fundamentals of Self Defense. The Well Armed Woman- East Dundee, IL

June 25th: Defensive Pistols Course #1.- Bonfield, IL

July 16th: Defensive Pistols Course #2- Bonfield, IL

August 5th: Women’s Self Defense Seminar- Bartlett, IL

August 6th and 7th: IL Conceal Carry License Course-Seneca, IL

August 10th: Intro to Force on Force-East Dundee, IL

August 13th: Defensive Pistols Course #3-Bonfield, IL

August 18th: Jeet Kune Do Session: Dallas, TX

August 19th: Law Enforcement Control Tactics: Dallas, TX

August 20th: Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Disarms 1: Dallas, TX

August 21st: Edged Weapons Disarms Civilian: Dallas, TX

September 10th: Defensive Pistols Course #4: Bonfield, IL

September 16th: JKD/Kali/BJJ Camp: Bartlett, IL

October 8th: Defensive Pistols Course #5: Bartlett, IL

October 19th: JKD and Kali Seminar: Dallas, TX

October 20th: Active Shooter Response: Dallas, TX


At S2 Strategic Defense, we LOVE our Edged Weapons! They are an amazing tool for self defense and available almost anywhere! Like anything else self defense related, proper training is the platform for functional skills.


If you are interested in learning how to use your edged weapon as a tool for self defense, this introductory class is the answer. The course is designed to teach the student the primary pillars of edged weapon tactics, training methods, and science. We will not be teaching you the artistic expression or a martial arts based version. This course has only one goal in mind…to develop real world skills for using an edged weapon for self defense.


You’ll Learn:

  • Posture and Positioning
  • Grip Methods and Purpose
  • Universal Dynamic Movements
  • Combinations of Offense/Defense
  • Distancing
  • Footwork
  • Targeting
  • Training Methods (Solo and Partnered)
  • And Much More

This is not a seminar format! Attendees should plan on being physically active, taking notes, and spending a lot of time drilling. There is NO replacement for actual training!


Attendees must be 18+ years of age. We will supply the training equipment. Attendees should bring activewear, notebook/pens, and a great attitude.


Held On Friday’s at 6pm to 7pm.

Starting February 10th, 2017. Registrations Must be complete by 2/6/17


Held at:

S2 Strategic Defense/ Xtreme Training Academy

1292 Humbracht Circle Unit E.

Bartlett, IL 60104