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Upcoming Events and Tours

S2 Strategic Defense is working with Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Groups, Specialty Groups, and Corporate Programs to bring a full schedule of opportunities for YOU to train with us. We are currently scheduling events/courses with IDPA, ISRA, The Well Armed Woman, and Many Others!

Completed 2016 Events:

January 23: Truth About Terrorism: Chicagoland Gun Show,  Des Plaines, IL

March 7th-13th: Edged Weapons Disarms: International Law Enformcement Educators Assoc.

March 19th: Factory Shoot: GAT Guns, Dundee, IL

March 28th: Fundamentals of Defensive Knife. The Well Armed Woman

April 2nd/3rd: Functional Trapping Seminar. Ann Arbor, MI

April 19th-21st: Force on Force. Green Bay, WI

May 9th: Edged Weapons Disarms. The Well Armed Woman-Bolingbrook, IL

May 16th: Fundamentals of Self Defense. The Well Armed Woman- East Dundee, IL

June 25th: Defensive Pistols Course #1.- Bonfield, IL

July 16th: Defensive Pistols Course #2- Bonfield, IL

August 5th: Women’s Self Defense Seminar- Bartlett, IL

August 6th and 7th: IL Conceal Carry License Course-Seneca, IL

August 10th: Intro to Force on Force-East Dundee, IL

August 13th: Defensive Pistols Course #3-Bonfield, IL

August 18th: Jeet Kune Do Session: Dallas, TX

August 19th: Law Enforcement Control Tactics: Dallas, TX

August 20th: Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Disarms 1: Dallas, TX

August 21st: Edged Weapons Disarms Civilian: Dallas, TX

September 10th: Defensive Pistols Course #4: Bonfield, IL

September 16th: JKD/Kali/BJJ Camp: Bartlett, IL

October 8th: Defensive Pistols Course #5: Bartlett, IL

October 19th: JKD and Kali Seminar: Dallas, TX

October 20th: Active Shooter Response: Dallas, TX

Completed 2017 Events:

Feb 16th-17th: Force On Force- Room Entry Tactics: Chicago, IL

Feb 21st-22nd: Defensive Carbine- Kenosha, WI

March 31st: Edged Weapons Basics- Closed Online Session

April 12th: Intro to Control Tactics- Closed Online Session

April 19th: Combative Entry and Inteception Methods- Closed Online Session

May 5th: Women’s Self Defense- Closed Online Session

May 10th: Reverse Grip Edged Weapons – Closed Online Session

May 17th: TCCC Medical Care with Chicago SWAT- Closed Online Session

May 24th: Defensive Pistol with USMC Special Operations- Closed Online Session

May 31st: Protective Canine Training- Closed Online Session

June 14th: Tasers and Instant Stoppage- Closed Online Session

June 21st: Baton/ASP/Impact Weapons- Closed Online Session

July 15th: Women’s Self Defense Seminar- Bartlett, IL

Aug 16th-18th: Force On Force/Use Of Force: Undisclosed LE Agency

Aug 26th: Advanced Arrest and Control Methods: Undisclosed LE Agency

September 16th: Jeet Kune Do/Kali Instructors Training- Dallas, TX

October 20th-21st: JKD/Kali and Personal Defense: Ottawa, Canada




Coming to Ottawa, Ontario on October 21st, 2017!


S2 Strategic Defense is heading back to Canada for a very special training seminar in Ottawa, Ontario! We will be spending an entire day training on Defensive Edged Weapons and Control Tactics! For early-bird registrant, you can now attend a Closed Door Session on 3rd Party Protection for FREE!!!


– 9:30am – 12:00pm: CONTROL TACTICS – Control Tactics are often related to the Law Enforcement community, but a very viable skill to have in civilian based self defense! In this session we will be going thru techniques, tactics, and exclusive training methods to give you a detailed understanding of Control Tactics and Joint Manipulations! Our years of teaching our CT Programs to Law Enforcement, Security, and Executive Protection agents will bring an entirely new element of expertise to this session.


– 1:00pm – 3:30pm: KNIFE FIGHTING BASICS – In Canada, knife violence is the largest source of homicides in 2015 and were present in 17% of violent crimes. Over the Canada Day weekend 7 people were stabbed in Winnipeg. If you are in Canada and talking about Martial Arts you need to be aware of knives and how to handle them. We will be looking at using your edged weapon in self defense proficiently and systematically. This is the content that martial arts does NOT teach you!!


– 4:00pm to 5:00pm SPECIAL OFFER – THIRD PARTY PROTECTION – If you sign up by September 15, 2017 we are going to do a “closed-door” session on how to protect another person. This will be exclusive for those that sign up early. We talk about using Martial Arts to protect a family member but how often do we train it? How would you get a loved one out of a bad spot and how do you not become your own liability? We are really excited to be convering this topic since often extracting yourself and others can be as dangerous as the actual danger.


Date: October 21st, 2017

Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm (Arrive 30 min early to check in)

Location: Carleton Heights Community Center

1665 Apeldoorn Ave. 

Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1VS


self defense course
Nik Farooqui is one of the few civilian based instructors who has worked directly with the U.S. Federal Air Marshals. He was invited into their undisclosed location to train close quarter combatives and edged weapons response for agents who are tasked with protecting human lives in the confines of an aircraft. 




This session will have 4 segments to it held over the course of 2 days. We are very excited to bring our tactical training sessions to the Dallas, TX area!!!

Session #1: Hand to Hand Combatives

  • Understanding Range/Distance
  • Defense/Offense/Counter Offense
  • Technical and Training Methods
  • The FAST (Fast Acquisition Self Defense Tactics) Formula
  • How to INSTANTLY Gain the Advantage
  • Dealing with Multiple Attackers
  • Close Quarters Combatives
  • BONUS TRAINING: Intro to Control Tactics


Session: #2: Edged Weapons Tactics

  • Guard Positions
  • Attack Patterns/Combos
  • Grip Methods and Uses
  • Distancing
  • Targeting
  • Your  FAST Gameplan


Session #3: Impact Weapons

  • Uses for Baton/ASP/Impact Weapons
  • Using Range and Distance To Your Advantage
  • Striking Methods and Combinations
  • Locking/Throwing/Choking
  • Unequal Weapons Tactics


Session #4: Emergency Medical Trauma Care

  • Tourniquets
  • Dealing with Gunshot Wounds and Knife Wounds
  • Self Trauma Care
  • 3rd Party Trauma Care
  • And Much More!


Details for this course are To Be Announced! Our intentions are to host this event in Fall of 2017 or early 2018 in the Dallas, TX Area.  Course Fee will be $399 for early registration and $499 after.


If this event interests you, please email us at and we will place you on the notifications list.