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S2 Strategic Defense offers training courses in self defense, women's self defense, firearms training, tactical training, edged weapons training and other services. Our personal defense experts are based in Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL.
Self Defense Training Dallas, Tactical Training Dallas, Firearms Training Dallas, Corporate Training Dallas
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S2 Strategic Defense offers a variety of training courses. Our focus is never on just one area of combatives, we provide a total training platform to our clients so they can be proficient in all areas of combat. Hand to Hand, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Multiple Attackers, Pistols, Carbines, and Shotguns.

Below is a list of just a few of our courses. We can also customize a training module for your organization/agency.


Adaptive. Dynamic. Progressive.

These are the three words that fuel the training methodology of S2 Strategic Defense.

The market is full of instructors and organizations that provide courses without a proven training method. Often, they dazzle the client with high speed information, but that doesn’t help the client in understanding or improving a skillset.  Our training methods are designed in a manner that we can compartmentalize and optimize the fundamentals of each task, which results in an educated end user that has skills versatile enough to adapt to any given situation. We prefer to educate, not entertain.

Hand To Hand Combatives

Hand-to-hand combat (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or non-lethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance) that does not involve the use of firearms or other distance weapons. While the phrase “hand-to-hand” appears to refer to unarmed combat, the term is generic and may include use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as knives, sticks, batons, or improvised weapons such as entrenching tools. While the term hand-to-hand combat originally referred principally to engagements by combatants on the battlefield, it can also refer to any personal physical engagement by two or more people, including law enforcement officers, civilians, and criminals.

Control Tactics

Our Control Tactics courses are divided into two categories. Control and Escort or Control and Retraint. Each category then has multiple courses available in Levels to ensure that you have a training progression. The courses are primarily focused on gaining control over a non-compliant subject using joint and limb manipulations. The advance courses will introduce the client on using weaponry to assist in the task.

Edged Weapons

Edged Weapons Courses are designated in 3 categories.

  • Edged Weapons Disarms
  • Defensive Edged Weapons
  • Offensive Edged Weapons (Military and LE Only)

The courses are designed to teach the client on functional aspects of the edged weapons. We always begin these courses with a basic understanding of blade anatomy, ranges, grips and angles. Our training framework with Edged Weapons has been featured in several publications and recognized as an industry leading course for Edged Weapons work.


Batons/ASPs/Impact Weapons are a commonplace in law enforcement equipment. They are often utilized for riot control, and other non-lethal situations. The usage of the impact weapon has decreased over the years as “tasers” have taken their place in the Use of Force Continuum. However, with recent design changes in impact weapons, they are reclaiming their place.

In civilian use the impact weapon is a fundamental need as the characteristics are easily replicated in improvised weaponry. Our courses in Impact Weaponry will teach the end user on the multiple uses of a baton/ASP including striking, locking, controlling, and takedowns.

OC Pepperspray

OC Pepper Spray can be a life saving tool for LE and Civilians. The immediate but non lethal results provide a critical window of time to escape, engage, or control an adversary. The downfall of OC Spray is the lack of training provided. Most courses will teach the client about the spray itself, but only the S2 course teaches how to deploy the OC Sprayer in CQB/Self Defense from a variety of positions. This kind of training is priceless!


Grappling refers to combative measures including throwing, sweeping, and actual combat when on the ground. Our courses on grappling take ground fighting out of the confines of sport based training and teach the end user how to navigate on the ground using positions, submissions, weaponry, and high level violence tactics. Being on the ground on asphalt is not the same as being on the ground on a padded mat with rules.

Women’s Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense is serious business, and no one has perfected this business like Team S2. Our Women’s Self Defense program has been taught in over 12 states to over 1200 women! The program is simple, effective, and proven to give our female clients a functional, usable, repeatable skillset. We don’t give you false confidence by teaching fancy joint locks, pressure points, or other unrealistic tactics.

Our program is designed around the ambush/assault. We will teach you proper targeting, high leverage technique and the framework that will allow you utilize this knowledge in any situation.

Basic Firearms and Safety

Our Introduction to Firearms courses are designed for the new shooter. The class gives a detailed understanding of firearms, firearm safety, and lays the fundamentals of firearms for the client to train and improve on their own time.

Defensive Pistols

Defensive Pistols courses are taught a levels. Each level will focus on a set of fundamentals, manipulations, and tactics to move the client to a higher level of pistol skills. The courses are designed for the utilization of firearms in a self defense, home defense, or conceal carry scenario.

Defensive Carbines

Defensive Carbines courses are taught a levels. Each level will focus on a set of fundamentals, manipulations, and tactics to move the client to a higher level of pistol skills. The courses are designed for the utilization of firearms in a self defense, home defense, or conceal carry scenario.

Advanced Tactical

Advanced Tactical is exactly what it sounds like! These courses are designed for the serious shooter who knows their fundamentals along with the defensive firearm skills such as movement, conceal/cover, emergency reloading procedures, malfunction assessment and clearing, and multiple target engagement to name a few.

The Advance Tactical courses are designed to push the limits of the shooter using their pistol, carbine or both. We also employ unarmed or edged weapons skills into the courses. Many of our Advanced Tactical courses are scenario based such as In Vehicle Operations, Team Tactics, Room Clearing, Hostage Response, Unknown Floorplan Tactics, and Barricade Tactics.

Due to the content, all participants that are not sponsored by an agency will be screened and interviewed prior to given admittance.

Force On Force Scenario Training

S2 Strategic Defense is the ONLY Professional Training Agency that is authorized in the midwest to provide Force on Force training. We utilize Simunitions and Force on Force equipment, marking rounds, and firearms to provide our client with high stress and highly dynamic scenario training. The client will be forced to make shoot/no shoot decisions along with utilizing proper tactics.

Scenarios may include home defense, parking lot ambushes, active shooter, hostage response, vehicle operations and more.

Force on Force training may also be combined with our Firearms Simulator and Live Fire Courses as well.

Courses are schedule in very small groups, or private lessons only. Please contact us direct to discuss your need.

Instructors Training

S2 Strategic Defense offers Instructors Only training modules for security and law enforcement agencies who have a dedicated DT Instructors Staff. We offer instructorships in Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons and Control Tactics for our brothers and sisters in blue. Now you can have S2 Training available at your agency at any given time. Contact us to discuss details.


Would you like to host S2 Strategic Defense Programs/Training for your agency, business, or private group? We are always working with a variety of exclusive clients to develop strong business relationships. Please contact us directly to speak with our staff about the benefits of being a S2 Strategic Defense Host.