Edged Weapons Training Illinois, USA
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Edged Weapons Training in Illinois

The edged weapons training in Illinois by S2 Strategic Defense is designed to provide the fundamentals of selection and self-protection using an edged weapon. You will learn to defend yourself with a variety of edged weapons and improvised edged weapons.. The training will start off by learning the basic stance, footwork, balance and body mechanics required. You will then be introduced to the ranges, tactics, and techniques.  We will also help you understand aspects of blade selection, carry options, and weapon deployment.


The edged weapons training in Illinois equips you with practical techniques for using an edged weapon while defending against a variety of attacks.Our edged weapons training includes –


  • Selection and handling of edged weapons
  • Grip, Stance, Footwork and Operation
  • Understanding the Ranges of Edged Weapons
  • Training Methods to develop usable skills with and Edged Weapon
  • Armed and unarmed defenses against a blade
  • Self-defense techniques with an edged weapon


Since edged weapons are readily accessible, it is vital that everyone, civilians as well as law enforcement and security personnel, should be trained on how to stop a blade attack and learn knife defenses. The edged weapons training designed by S2 Strategic uses realistic scenarios, such as defense against an aggressive attacker in confined areas.. The edged weapons training from S2Strategic is based on  real world knife combative including fixed blades and folders, defensive cuts, grip methods, concealment and drawing, among other skills.


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