Law Enforcement Training Texas, California and Illinois, USA
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Law Enforcement Only Training Programs

Violent encounters are increasing daily, and in the troubled times of today these crimes are crossing lines into “violent crimes against police.” The standardized training for law enforcement such as PPCT/DT (although widely accepted due to its liability mitigation) is simply not up to the standards. Officers are being violently handled across the U.S. daily and are simply under-trained to deal with these encounters. On the forefront of law enforcement training standards are the departments who are utilizing contractors such as S2 Strategic Defense to improve the officer skill sets in all a variety of aspect. Although the initial costs may be an issue for some agencies who aren’t as progressive, the end result can pay off in dividends. Less officer injuries, less officer casualties, less officer involved shootings are a direct result of competent training.


Raising The Bar For LE Training Programs:

Today’s threat of violent offenses are unlike any years in the past and law enforcement agencies are beginning to feel the adverse affects of poor training. Consequences such as officers that get injured or killed in the line of duty, or citizens who have demands of higher standards, and even civil law suits against agencies that arise from injuries received during an arrest. Whatever the case might be, the primary solution will always reside in updated training methods. Our training platforms adhere to the “3P” mindset. Policy. Practice. Proficiency. 


Customized Options With S2 Strategic Defense:

S2 Strategic Defense offers a variety of training options to ensure that we bring each agency the greatest value possible.

  • Subject Based Training (4 hour, 8 hour, or 16 hour)
  • DT Instructor Development Courses
  • Contracted Program Evaluation and Development Services
  • Continual Training Program Options


S2 Strategic Defense has been an influence in setting training standards for over 60 law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Our LE/Security Programs are designed specific for the dynamics of police and security duties. We also have an extensive understanding of:

  • The Fourth Amendment
  • Case Law and Study
    • Graham vs Conner
    • Chew vs Gates
    • Tennessee vs Garner
  • Use of Force Model


Our LE/Security Programs include officer training AND/OR Instructor Development Courses in the areas of:

  • Control Tactics (Control and Escort and Control and Restraint)
  • Baton/ASP Methods
  • Edged Weapons Defense/Disarms
  • Ground Fighting
  • Pistol Retention
  • Defensive Firearms
  • Force on Force Training


S2 Strategic is a member of the ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association). Law Enforcement Training by S2 Strategic aims to provide realistic and up-to-date training courses to law enforcement officers.  This is done with the help of a diverse training curriculum taught by instructors with extensive experience. We also offer a 12 month contract based training option.

Please contact S2 Strategic Defense directly at 630-780-0054 or by email at to schedule a consultation.