Defensive Tactical Firearms Training Illinois, Global Tactical Training Group, Tactical Training Courses for Civilians 
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Tactical Firearms Training in Illinois

Tactical firearms training in Illinois designed and delivered by S2 Strategic Defense will help you learn real world firearms skills whether you are a first time shooter or an experienced shooter. The tactical training courses for civilians, corporate and law enforcement personnel will enhance your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, or your property with the use of a firearm.. Responsible firearm ownership, safety, and  proper training are the foremost goals in  tactical firearms training from S2 Strategic Defense.


Shooting courses include a variety of courses within the primary subjects such as:

  • Basic Pistol Introduction Course
  • Illinois Conceal Carry Permit
  • Defensive Pistol
  • Defensive Carbine
  • Defensive Shotguns
  • Tactical Defense (Pistol and Carbine)
  • Tactical Defense Level II (Pistol and Carbine)
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Firearms Simulator
  • Force on Force/Simunitions

The defensive tactics training in Illinois is designed to prepare students to possess the tools, skills, knowledge and attitude to defend themselves, their families and other people. We train in a dynamic, realistic environment, not just shooting from a bench rest or comfortable indoor range.

Our tactical firearms training will also cover the primary elements of combat mindset, situational awareness, principals of personal defense and the physiological response of the human body under stress.Our students are able to develop a mindset of responsibility, accuracy and confidence whether they are civilians, corporate or law enforcement. You will learn proper operation of your firearms, along with fundamentals of defensive shooting, threat/cover principles, movement patterns, secondary positions, and negotiating hallways, doorways, and stairways. These skills directly relate to all defensive situations including Home Defense, Active Shooting Response, Work Place Violence, and others.


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