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3 Advantages of Active Shooter Response Training You Can’t Ignore

active shooter training

18 Aug 3 Advantages of Active Shooter Response Training You Can’t Ignore

Learning how to handle a firearm and training for defensive situations not only increases your personal protection skills, but can turn shooting into a passion. Active shooter training designed by S2 Strategic Defense will help you learn real world firearms and unarmed response skills whether you are a civilian or law enforcement officer.Proper training and priority of life are at the forefront of our Active Shooter Response Training.


Our Active Shooter Response programs teach our clients a variety of skillsets that can used in several kinds of shootings. No plan is a good plan if it cannot adapt to the moment or circumstance. The Active Shooter Response training that we have provided in Illinois and Texas in 2016 have been an integral part in safety for average citizens, corporations, schools, and law enforcement. The same programs have also been shared in aspects of home defense and other possible self defense situations.


Programs such as the Active Shooter Response Training provided by S2 Strategic Defense are an excellent resource for corporations and small businesses. It is the responsibility of all commercial entities to provide safety for their staff and employees at all times. In case of an active shooting at your workplace could also subject you to civil liabilities aside from the damage already done. Having a proper training program is a great step in mitigating that liability and providing your staff with and additional safety system.


The active shooter training is typically designed to prepare the trainees in the skills, knowledge and attitude to defend themselves, their families and other people, by using a firearm and unarmed. Training in a dynamic, realistic environment helps trainees to learn to use the gun effectively.

Active shooter training in Illinois includes learning about

  • Combat mindset
  • Situational awareness
  • Self-defense
  • Mindset of responsibility
  • The Run/Hide/Fight Principals
  • Utilization of Firearms
  • Utilization of Improvised Weapons
  • Utilization of Team Response
  • Communicating with Law Enforcement

To know more about active shooter training, call S2 Strategic Defense in Illinois at 630-780-0054 or visit s2strategic.com.

  • Scott Adams
    Posted at 20:48h, 04 August Reply

    I like that you talked about how taking a training program, will help you be able to adapt more quickly to a situation. I have just bought my first gun, and I have been thinking about getting more training with it. I can see how it would be helpful to go to a training program, so I will be less likely to panic in a stressful situation.

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