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Being Proactive For Active Shooter Response Training

active shooter training

03 Sep Being Proactive For Active Shooter Response Training

active shooter trainingActive Shooter Response Training is a hot topic in today’s business culture. The ever-so-real threat of having a gunman enter a business, school, or public area and begin an assault on innocent bystanders with no discrimination has become a cause for real concern. S2 Strategic Defense has a program for Active Shooter Training in Texas, Illinois, and California.

Our program consists of a multi-faceted approach to planning for an active shooting event that includes Preventative, In-Progress, and Post-Event training. Approaching all aspects of the response plan, “Preservation of Life” plan as coined by S2 Strategic Defense is critical in ensuring that your business has all the important components in dealing with this level of violence.

The training for our “Preservation of Life” Plan begin with a review of preventative measures that every business should be aware of. The training then deals with the Post Event stage which also provides valuable information to responding authorities in an organized fashion. The bulk of our training; however focuses on the In-Progress stage which is focused on saving lives.

Along with the training regiment, S2 Strategic Defense will also give the business owner an evaluation of their facility along with a checklist of items to verify. This evaluation is important in properly planning, and has also been reviewed by Texas Law Enforcement Agencies.

For more information or consultation on the S2 Strategic Defense Active Shooter Response Training, please contact us directly at 630-780-0054 or from our website at

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